Test Details

Test Name : Basic Computer Skill
Description : This test has been designed and developed to assess the ability of a candidate to work using a computer. It tests if an individual is aware of the functions in a computer including basics of hardware, network, security and Microsoft Office. The test identify candidates who understand computer fundamentals. Since it is designed as a test of the kind of basic computer literacy that is required in many work environments or for different job roles, it can be used for any position which requires basic computer skills.
Test Suitable For : Entry Level,Junior Level,Middle Level
Test Duration in Minutes : 25
Test Fees : Ksh 0
Number of Questions : 25
Maximum Marks : 25
Areas Covered : The following area are the part of accessing candidate’s knowledge, exposure and application in real situation.
  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. Microsoft Power Point
  4. Basic Computer Knowledge