Test Details

Test Name : Andriod Developer
Description : This test will help you to evaluate skills like Network Operations, Classes & Subclasses, Application Components, Life Cycle Process, Manifest file & its Elements, JSON Parsing, Building Media Browser, Connecting Bluetooth, Proximity Sensor, Progress, Dialog class, SQLite DataBase and more. After this test, you will be left with only quality candidates whose skill set match with your job description. Once you select relevant candidates on the basis of scores in above assessment tests, you can invite them for the interview process.
Test Suitable For : Entry Level,Junior Level,Middle Level
Test Duration in Minutes : 40
Test Fees : Ksh 0
Number of Questions : 34
Maximum Marks : 34
Areas Covered : The following area are the part of accessing candidate’s knowledge, exposure and application in real situation.
  1. Java Script
  2. JQuery
  3. Android
  4. SQLite
  5. JSON
  6. Android SDK
  7. XML
  8. Linux 
  9. Open-source software
  10. Java
  11. Kotlin
  12. RESTful API
  13. Gradle
  14. UI and UX
  15. Unit Testing
  16.  Android Libraries