EmployabilityTest's Fitment Report

Test Name : Nursing

Name: James Kamau

Test Date: 24-12-2019

Maximum Test Time: 25 mins

Candidates' whose aptitude, competencies and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, passionate, happier, and stay longer. This report measures the fitment between a job and a candidate. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why.

Nursing test help clinics to select the most competitive nurse by assessing their knowledge, skills and its application in day to day work. The test contains the basic principles, procedures, techniques, calculations, theories, basic skills , understanding nursing process applications and its essence and more. It is a thorough assessment of the aspiring nursing candidate. This test is basically the fundamentals of nursing, the basic things that a nurse has to do in the course of his/her duty

Score At A Glance!

Fundamentals of Nursing


Nursing Numerical Reasoning


Situational Judgement in Nursing

Recommendation: 63% (A good performer!)

Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of nursing assess candidates understanding of basic principle of nursing, fundamental skills as prerequisites to providing extensive nursing care. to patients, thorough assessment of patients, the nursing process, communication between nurse and patient, functional health patterns, and the overall framework of nursing practice. This test evaluate the basic understanding of candidates knowledge & its application as well as fundamental skills as prerequisites to providing extensive nursing care.


The above score depicts the basic understanding of the candidate on which her/his entire career of nursing is pivotal. This will be helpful in discovering knowledge gaps in the specific field of study. 

Nursing Numerical Reasoning

The nursing numerical reasoning test consists of complex data interpretation, combined with a strict time limit. This test is used to determine candidate's level of numerical ability & its interpretation. The maths involved in the nursing numerical reasoning may be based on nursing scenarios & its application.


The score depicts whether the candidate possess the necessary traits and skills needed to be a successful and caring nurse. Candidate is determined to save people amidst a stressful, demanding, and difficult environment by having a clarity of data and its interpretation.

Situational Judgement in Nursing

Situational judgement tests assess candidate's ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations. These assessments are designed to assess how s/he would handle situations that could encounter in the job of nursing. They are presented with a realistic, hypothetical scenario and have to identify the most appropriate response or rank responses according to effectiveness.


Situational judgement test is designed to determine behavior, assessing how candidate act in certain workplace situations. Situational judgement tests can also be designed to assess how well s/he prioritize or how well follow instructions at the time of performing job.

How to Interpret the Report?

Legend : 0 to 19% : 20 to 39% : 40 to 59% : 60 to 79% : 80 and above :
Score Range Interpretation
0 to 19%
This score tells that it would be risky to hire you and that you may take longer to learn the job than someone scoring higher.
This score also tells that you may require closer supervision and that you may never reach the goals so out for you by the company. Below Average!
20 to 39%
This score shows that you have a good grasp of subject knowledge, however, you may still require close supervision while on the job.
This score does give you the ability to still be considered for the role you have applied for only if you are able to demonstrate the desired interpersonal skills during the interview process. An Average Performer!
40 to 59%
This score demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of the necessary subject, areas and concepts and are likely to learn the job being offered at a steady pace.
Falling into this score range will have you dubbed as a ‘a good hire’ in the eyes of the hiring team. A performer!
60 to 79%
Falling into this score group shows that you have an excellent grasp on the subject, areas and concepts being tested.
It also shows that you will be able to learn your job quickly without too much need for close supervision. Scoring in this range will also have you dubbed as a ‘very good hire’ and can be a good performer!
80% & more
Falling into this score range shows that you have a very strong, in-depth grasp of the subject, areas and concepts being tested. Candidates who score in this score range will most likely learn the job quickly and will not need much if any supervision once it has been mastered.
This score range also shows that you are a fast learner and are likely to pick up on unfamiliar concepts very quickly. An Outstanding performer!