EmployabilityTest's Fitment Report

Test Name : Mechanical Engineering(Inter)

Name: James Kamau

Test Date: 23-03-2020

Maximum Test Time: 25 mins

Candidates' whose aptitude, competencies and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, passionate, happier, and stay longer. This report measures the fitment between a job and a candidate. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why.

Assesses fundamental knowledge, skill sets & application of mechanical engineering in your organization. There are four critical sections a candidate has to undergo for his competency assessment. This test provide you with a rapid and precise way of measuring the competencies required to succeed in this job role.

Score At A Glance!

Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Aptitude


Mechanical Maintenance


Engineering Drawing

Recommendation: 63% (A good performer!)

Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering

Measuring candidates' fundamental of mechanical engineering which includes mechanical drawings, machine tools, maintenance, and operation of  equipments, engines, and machines. Accesses the knowledge & skill set of engineering materials, drawing, fluid system, automation, maintenance, etc.


This section measures fundamental mechanical engineering knowledge, skills & its application in the real situation of the potential candidate 

Mechanical Engineering Aptitude

Access the knowledge, understanding & application of basics of mechanical engineering of a potential candidate. It covers wide areas of mechanical tools, statics, dynamics, strength of materials, principles of machines & mechanism, properties of materials, fluids, etc.


 Evaluates the knowledge and aptitude of candidate for working in mechanical function.

Mechanical Maintenance

This section assess the knowledge and skills set to check his/her understandind, interpretation of technical drawings, identifying faults, repair of equipments, plants and machineries.  



This section evaluate the understanding & proficiency level of mechanical engineering viz., technical drawings, tools, machines' fault finding, repairing, etc. 

Engineering Drawing

An Engineering Drawing Test is a comprehensive functional test specially designed to assess understanding of engineering drawings, skills of a candidate to perform duties efficiently. Also, it measures the technical knowledge of a candidate on analyze information in a structured and logical manner to solve problems as well as measures numerical and data interpretation ability that an engineer – in accordance with industry standards – would be expected to possess.


An engineering drawing is a type of technical drawing that is used to convey information about an object. A common use is to specify the geometry necessary for the construction of a component and is called a detail drawing. Understanding Engineering Drawing is the basic level for every engineer. Usually, a number of drawings are necessary to completely specify even a simple component. Every qualified engineer must grasp, understand & interpret it into reality. 

How to Interpret the Report?

Legend : 0 to 19% : 20 to 39% : 40 to 59% : 60 to 79% : 80 and above :
Score Range Interpretation
0 to 19%
This score tells that it would be risky to hire you and that you may take longer to learn the job than someone scoring higher.
This score also tells that you may require closer supervision and that you may never reach the goals so out for you by the company. Below Average!
20 to 39%
This score shows that you have a good grasp of subject knowledge, however, you may still require close supervision while on the job.
This score does give you the ability to still be considered for the role you have applied for only if you are able to demonstrate the desired interpersonal skills during the interview process. An Average Performer!
40 to 59%
This score demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of the necessary subject, areas and concepts and are likely to learn the job being offered at a steady pace.
Falling into this score range will have you dubbed as a ‘a good hire’ in the eyes of the hiring team. A performer!
60 to 79%
Falling into this score group shows that you have an excellent grasp on the subject, areas and concepts being tested.
It also shows that you will be able to learn your job quickly without too much need for close supervision. Scoring in this range will also have you dubbed as a ‘very good hire’ and can be a good performer!
80% & more
Falling into this score range shows that you have a very strong, in-depth grasp of the subject, areas and concepts being tested. Candidates who score in this score range will most likely learn the job quickly and will not need much if any supervision once it has been mastered.
This score range also shows that you are a fast learner and are likely to pick up on unfamiliar concepts very quickly. An Outstanding performer!