EmployabilityTest's Fitment Report

Test Name : Front office -Hospital

Name: James Kamau

Test Date: 22-10-2019

Maximum Test Time: 25 mins

Candidates' whose aptitude, competencies and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, passionate, happier, and stay longer. This report measures the fitment between a job and a candidate. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why.

Specially designed for measuring competencies of front office executive in Hospital or Health care. Patience, ability to stay calm under pressure, patient service, interpersonal skills, basic computer skill are part of assessment. This test provide you with a rapid and precise way of measuring the abilities required to succeed in this job role.

Score At A Glance!

Computer proficiency


Communication Skills


Front Office-Hospital

Recommendation: 63% (A good performer!)

Computer proficiency

This test has been designed to assess the ability of a candidate to work using a computer. It tests if a candidate is aware of the functions in a computer including basic hardware, network, security and system software. The test uses variable difficulty level in questions to accurately identify candidates who understand computer fundamentals.T


Computer proficiency Test will allow the candidate to demonstrate their basic computer knowlege skill level. On the job computer literacy refers to the ability to use computer basic Softwares or programs in an effective manner for the benefit of himself/herself and organization.he computer proficiency test is designed to test the knowledge of  basics of internet usage,  surfing, MSOffice's  Word, Power Point and  Excel as well as other basic information technology. Candidates have a better chance of being successful in their place of work if they are able to navigate computers and use common or basic software programs.

Communication Skills

Candidates who communicate effectively will be better in communicating with colleagues, managers and customers are always valuable assets to an organization and it is a skill which can often set people apart from their competition when applying for jobs.Communication skill is very important to workplace because it allows companies to be productive and operate effectively. They can experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate lateral, up and down the communication chain in an organization effectively.


Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organisation. It assesses ability of a candidate to use correct grammar, spellings and punctuation while presenting written content and whether a candidate is able to summarize a passage while maintaining essential points, and using correct grammar, spellings and punctuations. Also, ability of a candidate to read, process, retain and synthesize large amount of data in a workplace.

Front Office-Hospital

This test can assesses Front Office Executive's skills on empathy and caring to the patients or their attendants, listening skills, willing to go extra mile for patient, ability to anticipate patients needs, engaging and inquisitive, calm, composed, resourceful and handle irate patients' attendants in the hospital.


This test assesses candidates skills in handling front office effectively. Their skills in front office management, experience in handling basics of computer programs & most importantly patients and their attendants, nicely.

How to Interpret the Report?

Legend : 0 to 19% : 20 to 39% : 40 to 59% : 60 to 79% : 80 and above :
Score Range Interpretation
0 to 19%
This score tells that it would be risky to hire you and that you may take longer to learn the job than someone scoring higher.
This score also tells that you may require closer supervision and that you may never reach the goals so out for you by the company. Below Average!
20 to 39%
This score shows that you have a good grasp of subject knowledge, however, you may still require close supervision while on the job.
This score does give you the ability to still be considered for the role you have applied for only if you are able to demonstrate the desired interpersonal skills during the interview process. An Average Performer!
40 to 59%
This score demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of the necessary subject, areas and concepts and are likely to learn the job being offered at a steady pace.
Falling into this score range will have you dubbed as a ‘a good hire’ in the eyes of the hiring team. A performer!
60 to 79%
Falling into this score group shows that you have an excellent grasp on the subject, areas and concepts being tested.
It also shows that you will be able to learn your job quickly without too much need for close supervision. Scoring in this range will also have you dubbed as a ‘very good hire’ and can be a good performer!
80% & more
Falling into this score range shows that you have a very strong, in-depth grasp of the subject, areas and concepts being tested. Candidates who score in this score range will most likely learn the job quickly and will not need much if any supervision once it has been mastered.
This score range also shows that you are a fast learner and are likely to pick up on unfamiliar concepts very quickly. An Outstanding performer!