EmployabilityTest's Fitment Report

Test Name : Basic Computer Skill

Name: James Kamau

Test Date: 15-02-2020

Maximum Test Time: 25 mins

Candidates' whose aptitude, competencies and personalities fit their jobs are more productive, passionate, happier, and stay longer. This report measures the fitment between a job and a candidate. The report shows whether the candidate is a high, medium, or low fit for the job and why.

This test has been designed and developed to assess the ability of a candidate to work using a computer. It tests if an individual is aware of the functions in a computer including basics of hardware, network, security and Microsoft Office. The test identify candidates who understand computer fundamentals. Since it is designed as a test of the kind of basic computer literacy that is required in many work environments or for different job roles, it can be used for any position which requires basic computer skills.

Score At A Glance!

Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Word


Microsoft Power Point


Basic Computer Knowledge

Recommendation: 63% (A good performer!)

Microsoft Excel

This test has been designed to assess the Microsoft Excel skills of a potential candidate. It tests the ability to use excel using shortcuts, most used functions and formulae, charts, pivot tables, statistical operations and macros. The test consists of questions variable in their difficulty level to accurately identify candidates that have proficiency in MS Excel.


Many domains such as accounting, finance, data analysis, that involves a large amount of data, database are in a constant need of professionals who have expertise in Microsoft Excel. Excel Expert should be able to implement complex functions, advanced formulae, Macros as well as VBA programming to curate, analyze, and create reports of important information.

Microsoft Word

This test has been designed to assess the ability of a candidate to work using Microsoft Word. It tests an individual’s ability in checking spellings, previewing, printing, formatting, adding pictures and tables, and performing other functions in Microsoft Word for creating basic documents and reports. This is the standard business software. It is hence important that a potential hire has basic knowledge of Microsoft Word.


Candidates are evaluated based on basic knowledge of Microsoft Word will be able to create, edit and save documents, format text and paragraphs as per requirement, add tables, charts, pictures, check for correct spellings and grammar, create proposals and reports using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint test has been designed to assess the proficiency of candidates to apply their knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint. It tests candidate’s understanding and ability to apply a design and layout to the slides, adding shapes, pictures, audio, video, SmartArt, WordArt and tables to elucidate their point, and navigating the slides for a coherent presentation.


This test enables employers and hiring managers or recruiters to identify Microsoft PowerPoint presentation by evaluating working skills and job readiness of the candidate. For this reason, the emphasis is laid upon evaluating the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience, rather than theoretical knowledge.

Basic Computer Knowledge

Basic Computer understanding, knowledge and competencies are the most critical for performing most of the positions be it desk or field related jobs. This is one of the most important section which assesses candidate's basic computer knowledge, ability and skills about computer understanding. This section measures basic computer literacy, and as such has been shown to predict job readiness and in some cases overall job performance for a range of jobs for which basic computer skills are an essential job requirement.


Candidate has been evaluated on General Computer Literacy (Open folder, Move Files, Forward Email and more), basic Computer Literacy Test (Using a Mouse, Menus & more), Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook Tests. Here, the job applicant will be assessed on basic computer functions, menus, tool bars, and short cut keys. 

How to Interpret the Report?

Legend : 0 to 19% : 20 to 39% : 40 to 59% : 60 to 79% : 80 and above :
Score Range Interpretation
0 to 19%
This score tells that it would be risky to hire you and that you may take longer to learn the job than someone scoring higher.
This score also tells that you may require closer supervision and that you may never reach the goals so out for you by the company. Below Average!
20 to 39%
This score shows that you have a good grasp of subject knowledge, however, you may still require close supervision while on the job.
This score does give you the ability to still be considered for the role you have applied for only if you are able to demonstrate the desired interpersonal skills during the interview process. An Average Performer!
40 to 59%
This score demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of the necessary subject, areas and concepts and are likely to learn the job being offered at a steady pace.
Falling into this score range will have you dubbed as a ‘a good hire’ in the eyes of the hiring team. A performer!
60 to 79%
Falling into this score group shows that you have an excellent grasp on the subject, areas and concepts being tested.
It also shows that you will be able to learn your job quickly without too much need for close supervision. Scoring in this range will also have you dubbed as a ‘very good hire’ and can be a good performer!
80% & more
Falling into this score range shows that you have a very strong, in-depth grasp of the subject, areas and concepts being tested. Candidates who score in this score range will most likely learn the job quickly and will not need much if any supervision once it has been mastered.
This score range also shows that you are a fast learner and are likely to pick up on unfamiliar concepts very quickly. An Outstanding performer!