JobSeeker : FAQ

Employability tests (ET)is largest Employability Assessment Test which is recognized by numerous companies for hiring of their employees. This gives candidates detailed feedback on their employability and helps to connect them to companies directly at no other additional cost. Higher your score is, more chances to get opportunities.

ET tests of general intelligence that rate one's cognitive abilities. They comprise of various subtests that measure one's logical ability, numerical ability and attention to detail. These tests measure the ability of a person to learn new concepts. They are extensively used by all good companies to get capable candidates for jobs. For example, an aptitude test can help to determine whether a person could learn programming easily or do well at a banking or sales job.

ET is a multi-dimensional test with the Aptitude (consisting of English, Quantitative Ability and Logical Ability) and Functional specific test which is required for jobs in different sectors. The skill specific modules vary from Computer Programming, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Accounts, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Services, etc.The candidate can choose the skill modules based on his/her education and/or interest.

The objective of ET is to assess your basic level of your aptitude, numerical ability, reasoning, logical thinking, spatial skills, domain test, etc. These are already studied by you during completion of your study. Hence, all you need to do is to appear ET attentively to assess gateway to many companies.

No there is no negative marking in the test. The test taker is expected to answer all the questions in every module.

An adaptive test gets harder and easier based on the answer given to the previous question. If you answer a question correct, you get a tougher question and if you answer a question wrong the next question becomes easier. This allows the test to measure the exact ability of the test taker in the subject being tested.The score of the candidate depends on the level of questions he or she attempt correctly.

The candidate should attempt every question with complete sincerity, to ensure that he or she scores well.

You can appear as much as possible, but your latest score will be the final one which allcompanies can access. The better your score is, better chances to get job opportunities. Hence, if you scored less and want to improve then you can re-appear based on your test preparation.

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