Interns/Attachees : FAQ

Since every company receives numerous applications for internship/attachment from various sources & selecting the right candidates are tough. Hence, Employability tests (ET) not only provide opportunity to candidates to reach to various companies in one go but it also helps companies to get the right talent from a big pool of interns.

The objective of ET is to assess your basic level of your aptitude, numerical ability, reasoning, logical thinking, spatial skills, domain test, etc. These are already studied by you during completion of your study. Hence, all you need to do is to appear ET attentively to assess gateway to many companies.

No there is no negative marking in the test. The test taker is expected to answer all the questions in every module.

Easy… just refresh your entire course for your domain test example for procurement, read the course syllabi thoroughly whereas for basics be attentive for numerical ability, reasoning, logical thinking, etc.

You can appear as much as possible, but your latest score will be the final one which companies can access. The better your score is, better chances to get job opportunities. Hence, if you scored less and want to improve then you can re-appear based on your test preparation.

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