Fraud Alert

Please do not Pay any money or provide personal / financial information (Credit/ debit card number, Mpesa number, OTP, etc.) to anyone. Fraudsters may ask you to pay in the pretext of registration fee, Refundable Fee, Document Processing fee or any other excuse. Before your respond to any email / call, we suggest you to do a discreet enquiry and be sure to verify the authenticity of the person with whom you are interacting with.

How can you determine if a recruitment offer is scam?

No experience required

Be cautious of the ads that say “anyone can do the job!”

On the spot hiring/tele interview

Reliable companies conduct thorough research to analyse their potential employee before issuing an offer letter

Demands you to pay money

NEVER PAY MONEY TO GET A JOB!!!No legitimate company will ever ask you to pay for the job!

Salary beyond expectations

Spammers often lure desperate job seekers with high salary packages!

You are asked to reveal personal information/ bank details

Please do not share personal information or credit card/ debit card number, OTP, Mpesa number.